Assalamualaikum , welcome again to all of my readers, here is the 3rd entry for the blog. Today i want to focus really hard on Yuna educational backgrounds. Ok, lets start ! Yuna first received her education is when she in Kindergarten standard. The name of the kindergarten is 'Tadika Baiduri Bestari' placed in Alor Setar, Kedah. She has already show her talent in that day by singing the "western childhood songs' such as 'row, row, your boat' 'barney songs'. In that particular age, her teachers really likes her and would like her to sing a song during the music class. Yuna has developed her talents since that day. When she turns to 7 years old, she entering Sekolah Kebangsaan Al-Hidayah, Alor Setar, Kedah. She enters this school because of her mother who likes to see her in a religious school. Personally to Islamic. Yuna practically lost a little bits of her talented that time, because this school does not allowed woman to sings.

         During that time, Yuna is not known as "yuna" but her other name, that is Alis. Because that name is kind of bizarre and unique. She turns to a very well Muslim girl and leave the singing behind. After finishing her UPSR ot standard 6, Yuna and her family has moved out to Kuala Lumpur because of her father and mother work issues. There in Kuala Lumpur , Yuna enters SMK USJ 4 Subang Jaya, Selangor. In form 1, Yuna practically to have only girls friends because she do not mingle well with the boys during his elementary school. When she research form 3, she growing back again her talents and hobby in singing. She enters so many competition during her secondary schools.  Her parents also give all of supports to her to go and catch her dream, to be a talented singers. She get all the rewards by winning most of the competition that she entered. thus, she feel like this is her truth form are, an Entertainer.

          After Yuna finishing her school life in 2003 and has already pass with the 'Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia' she practically works temporarily as Dayang NurFaizah the RnB singer as a backup singer at almost 1 months and have to further her studies in UiTM Shah Alam in Foundation of Law. While in here, Yuna had learnt how to plays guitar and other several instrument with some of her friends help. She also has created a group named "Kugiran' as a band that always perform during the events or occasion that happens in her faculty. After pass the foundation, Yuna had been offer to continue her degree level in law, and she pursuing her study in that major also. Finally she finish up all of her academic studies, but unfortunately, Yuna did not pass the Cambering Test which is a test to measure the students abilities to become a lawyer or not. However, Yuna did graduate from her degree level and has became a sensation celebrities that not only entertain, but she is a talented singer with a 'brains'.

Yuna Kindergarten School :)
Yuna Primary School :)
Yuna Tertiary University :)
Yuna Secondary School  :)

Ok, that all for today entry, i hope u guys love it and for the next entry, it will be a surprise pleasure. Stay safe, be with the loved ones and Assalamualaikum. :)

Yuna Graduation Day


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