Assalamualaikum, this is my last entry and I would like to wrap up everything here. In catching or get the things that you want, you have to dream first. Dream do become reality sometimes. But without putting an effort and trust to Allah S.W.T it is worthless. Everyone in this entire planet has their own capability and strengthen that develop within yourself. You , yourself just have to aim and go for it. It is just the same with this talented girls named Yuna. She not start and famous just like that. She also facing all the risk and disadvantages level. No one in the earth could be successful without facing any troubles. So, just  be proud of yourself and walk ahead. I really want to thanks to my beloved lecturer for monitoring me all this time in completing my blog and also thanks to all of my classmates that give ideas and thought in designing my blog concept. I thinks that all from me now, I am Muhd Shahrul Iman b Abu Bakar, till we meet again, Assalamualaikum :)

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