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Assalamualikum to all of my beloved readers. Yes ! we meet again for the last topic which is "Yuna roles as a Celebrity." This is my final post to talk about Yuna because I have complete all the 5 Topic before, and i hope you guys be with me during this entry. This is so sad, but however, everything must come to the end right? So, for today, lets take a look about what had Yuna become as a part of Singer and Celebrity.

      Yuna have a good personality that can attract so many private company out there to have her on their commercials. Yuna has collaborate with several private company to shoot for their commercials. For example, Yuna has start up her first commercials video and ambassador by joining Olay. It is a cosmetic product that so famous for an Asian woman nowadays. Yuna is a perfect Asian women to be a cover for Olay because of her Malay skin tone, which is very suitable for the Asian women especially in Malaysia. 

Yuna as the face of Olay

        Beside that, Yuna also been chasing by others private companies such as Malaysian Airline, Canon, Librese, Samsung, DiGi telecommunication, and Kakao Talk Chat. She has been offering in so many job after a job. She is so lucky to have not only talent, but a job of a life. Being an Ambassador. Here are some picture that i can share with you guys as a prove. Lets check it out !

Yuna in Kakao Talk Commercials

Yuna as the ambassador of Samsung

Yuna with Canon :)

Yuna promoting 'Galaxy Note"

This is Yuna shooting the commercials for Kakao Talk, lets have a sneak peek will we ? :)

Yuna shootings for Kakao Talk Commercials

Finally, my whole entry is now completed. This is Yuna story about how a Malaysian girl turns into a singer and now turns into an ambassador. I really proud to say that "Yuna is my Idol" as she has strive for many things. And for you guys , my beloved readers, I hope you guys also enjoyed my entry all this time. And i am sorry for all my wrongdoings or being rude while this time. I hope you guys satisfied and hope to see you guys again, maybe one fine day. I will summary up everything in the next post which means my last post. Okay, make sure you guys leave your comments or view (if any) down to the box below. Take care and Assalamualaikum :)

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